Raintex Uses 100% Peruvian Fibers
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Business Profile

Raintex is a:


finished knitted
garment producer.

Peruvian Pima Cotton, Organic, and Eco-Recycled fibers are our main raw materials for the Garments!!
We are proud of our High Tech Design and Quality Assurance teams, giving our customers the best experience possible, and high confidence in his Supply Chain.

Our vision and mission


To convert ourselves into a solid partner for our international customers, supplying Cotton and Mixes Knitted garments that can be identified because of the High Quality, confidentiality, and quick response, in that way, grow economically based on overpass our customer’s expected limits, always maintaining the sense of responsibility and environment protection.


Our organization is dedicated to producing and Exporting garments in knitted Cotton and Mixes, following our customer’s specs, and taking good care of the privacy and security of their designs. Our efficient and speedy atención intends to cover the quality standards required based on flexibility, adaptability, and high quality. We have a solidarized compromise with our working force and surrounding community developmen.
Main executives
Ramiro Zamorano
Export Manager
Maximiliano Huasasquiche
General Manager
Cristina Delgado
Operations and Customer Care
Quality Policy

RAINTEX is aware of the importance of quality as a strategic factor of success.

We are committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement and prevention of events that may affect the quality of services and products provided.

Periodic Review
Audits and measurable result of the quality objectives by senior management.
Education and Training
The workers to use the necessary tools to detect, anticipate and resolve non conformities.
Integration of the Quality
The Occupational and Industrial Safety System and Social Responsibility.
Social responsibility
We care of our staff by providing adequate protection and keeping vigilant in their daily tasks to perform services in a safe and healthy way. In this sense, we are working under the OHSA international standards basis. We are committed to the safety of our shipments adopting international standards, allowing us to optimize the control and traceability of our supply chain, promoting safe and efficient operations.


Achieve our customer’s requirements based on their specs, delivery time, and Quality standards.
Quality Respect for everyone, dignity, and no Discrimination of any kind.
Act with integrity with all stakeholders.
Style 300 pcs
Color 300pcs*
(*) Can include two or more styles in the same fabric collection.
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Lead Time
Prices: 2 days
Fabric development: 10 days
Prototypes: 7-15 days
Sales samples: 30 days
Bulk Production: 60-90 days
Reorders: 45-60 days
Transit Time: Max 10 days to your warehouse.
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